HOW to move forward when LIFE starts LIFE-ing

by | May 26, 2023 | wellness | 0 comments

Raise your hand if LIFE has seemed a bit more challenging the past few years. I know it has for me.

Life comes with unexpected and unplanned challenges. Both good and bad, unfortunately the bad can overshadow the good depending on how we process and deal with it.

Outside of my own grief, I’ve encountered so many of you who have experienced loss in different ways from miscarriage, to ectopic pregnancies, to stillbirth, to undetected heartbeats, to failed IUI and IVF procedures, to loss of partners, parents, family members and friends. Whew, just typing that felt heavy.

Here are some things to help you find strength in the most difficult times:

  1. Connect to spirit. Whatever that may be for you. For me that’s GOD. GOD is my North Star and my guiding light.
  2. Don’t avoid it. FEEL THE EMOTION. Don’t try to push it down, deny it’s there or that it hurts. I promise you, it will show up… EVERYWHERE!
  3. Practice gratitude. I know it’s hard to find gratitude in moments of loss, especially loss of a parent or a child. Just try, when we practice gratitude it moves the focus from what you had to what you still have.
  4. ASK FOR HELP! You can’t make it by yourself. I swear this one was the hardest for me. It took me 40 years to get this one right. I’m still working on it, but doing much better.
  5. Find the light. Mine was my birthwork and finishing school to become a provider.  I’ve walked through the darkest tunnels these past few years and I had to find the light in the tunnel and walk toward it. Sometimes I was barely crawling, but focusing on the light kept me moving

We’re in the thick of it and I know this feeling all too well. I’m absolutely NOT perfect, I still have tough days and nights (just had one last night) and so will you. However, I’ve incorporated a lifestyle that has helped me continue to hold on by that thread. It’s thin, but I’m still holding. My prayer is that you find one too.

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