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Ebony Harvey works with individuals and organizations to raise awareness, challenge the status quo, and become change agents surrounding injustices in healthcare. Nurse Eb, as she is referred to in her community, is a registered nurse, holistic fertility and birth doula, lactation education specialist, and a certified peer support specialist with a specialty in maternal mental health and a future Nurse Practitioner.

With over two decades of nursing-related experience and countless encounters with systemic racism, implicit bias, and health disparities in the healthcare system, she uses her background expertise to help families and individuals navigate the pitfalls of the healthcare system. She has chosen to center black maternal and infant health, maternal mental health, and reproductive & birth justice for the focus in using her voice to ignite change. Collaborating with professional colleagues to create conversation surrounding injustice in healthcare has been the catalyst to her movement.

Media Mentions

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Signature Speaking Topics

Health Literacy & Reproductive Health

Supporting Families of Color in the NICU

Maternal Health & Prenatal Care Basics

Creating a Lifestyle of Wellness

Birth Justice

Baby Steps to Better Health

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