It’s the journey that provides the transformation.

Explore your options for creating a lifestyle of wellness.

Find the power in healing yourself.

In addition to providing you with support during your pregnancy, I teach you how to create a lifestyle of wellness that supports whole-body birth for advanced maternal age.

Wellness services

Align Package

Perfect for those who want to get their physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health in alignment.

This premium service is designed to help create and support a new life of mind, body, and spiritual wholeness.

Nutrition Assessment to capture your current habits and provide suggestions for mind & body vitality

  • $Intake Session to meet you where you are and understand your needs
  • $Mindful journaling to release & analyze thoughts, gain mental freedom and track personal progress
  • $Meditation sessions for mental conditioning and mental clarity
  • $Up to 6 virtual or over-the-phone consults over a 3-month time frame
  • $Informational tools and resources for the duration of service

Ebony brings compassion, knowledge, and an encouraging spirit.

I liked the comfort and attention to detail. The knowledge in learning more about things I should have already discussed with my doctor. Again I felt very heard and supported. The attention to the type of trauma and detailed questions really helped to make me feel valued and heard. Also, the holistic mind and body aspects you offer. Ebony really cares about getting to know the client. She brings compassion, knowledge, and an encouraging spirit. Most importantly, you really listen!

— anonymous

Serenity takes a holistic approach to fertility, incorporating mind, body, and spiritual wholeness.

The Serenity package service includes:

Health Assessment to review your past medical history

Nutrition Assessment to check for any deficiencies important for pregnancy

Activity Assessment to support your changing lifestyle and tolerance

  • $Session to meet you where you are and understand your needs
  • $Up to six (6) virtual or over the phone consults over a 3 months
  • $Unlimited email and text support
  • $Partner Inclusion and Support provides the partner parent with resources to so they are better able to be a source of support for their birthing partner
  • $Fertility check-in to monitor your progress and provide support
  • $Nutrition Meal Plan Recommendations to simplify day-to-day eating
  • $Informational Support throughout the course of care to keep you informed of latest updates

Fertility Doula Services

Serenity Package

I am no longer anxious about the birthing experience or getting pregnant.

We have gained so many tools to help improve our communication and the ability recognize and adjust to stressful triggers. I can see the beauty in the process from start to finish. I know my mind and body are capable of great things, including safely bringing a human into this world. I’m in awe of the female body and I feel so empowered! Rapport was easily established from the very start because you are such a genuine and welcoming person. I am so appreciative for the way you showed up for us each week and you created a space full of love and compassion so that we could be our authentic selves at all times.

Ebony radically shifted my labor from a traumatic, frightening experience into one of empowerment and awe.

Ebony was such an incredible person to have by my side during labor. She gave me strength and confidence, and combined fierce spiritual wisdom with medical professional savvy. The unique combination of medical knowledge and experience with limitless compassion and love. I felt like I couldn’t have been in better hands during my labor.

Just from speaking to Ebony I have a sense of ease that I will be okay.

You get someone you sees passionate about their work. Ebony makes you feel heard and reinforces that your concerns are important and that you are important. She actively listens and responds accordingly. Overall, you feel the support. Fully. It was refreshing speaking to someone other than my OB. Someone who made my mind feel at ease. Which I haven’t had this whole journey. It somewhat made me emotional to know I have that support and knowledge there with me.

Birth Doula Services

Pure Harmony

PURE HARMONY is the elite signature service designed to support you through pregnancy and create a healthy birth experience. PURE HARMONY is perfect if you want to focus on holistic wellness and better outcomes for you and baby. PURE HARMONY signature service includes:

3 Prenatal visits up to 90 minutes to create, review, and refine details of the current trimester and prep for “Labor Day”

Two Mother the Mother Postpartum Visit up to 60 min provides support to parents for a successful transition to their new normal

On call starting at 38 weeks to provide you with emotional support and accompany you when you go into labor

  • $Infant CPR Training to provide you with possible warning signs of infant distress
  • $Unlimited email/voxer support for quick questions or updates
  • $Partner Inclusion and Support to create a cohesive journey and include the partner as necessary part of the journey and teach the use of effective coping techniques for day of labor
  • $Womb Assessment to gather the most whole and accurate picture of your current womb health and create a personalized guide for womb strength and wellness
  • $Communication Effectiveness to prep you with tools and information to help you feel comfortable and empowered to ask the correct questions and discuss your wishes during this journey with care providers
  • $ Nutrition Assessment and Recommendations to meet you where you are and create a personalized guide of meal plans, activity charts, and nutritional & herbal supplementation for optimal physical and womb health & wellness. In addition to reduced complications during your pregnancy and birth

Let’s create your lifestyle of wellness.